Our Innovation Scorecard and Current Situation Analysis trainings were held 🚀

The Innovation Scorecard Training was held on June 10 for the Key Account Managers and the following items were included in the training.

  • Accurate evaluation of the innovation scorecard,
  • Accurate identification of strengths and weaknesses, 
  • Applications such as reporting methods are included.

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YAY-YUKA Platform held another training about Current Situation Analysis for Key Account Manager candidates and within the scope of this training the following were mentioned.

A great number of businesses face unexpected problems in achieving their goals. The source of these problems may exist in the current situation. These problems, which may not be recognized by the business, can be risky. Taking measures against these risks is essential for the continuity and improvement of businesses. Herewith, the Key Account Managers will learn with Current Situation Analysis training:

💡 Evaluating businesses competencies,
💡 Capacity-building exercises,
💡 Coaching to identify their shortcomings are just some of the milestones.